Unley Ambulance
Unley Ambulance Album

Divisional Photo Divisional Photo
Chris Sowden - A wonderful photo of the division from around 1979ish. Lots of names not in the photo though.
Race Fall Race Fall
Peter Norman - Fallen jockeys at Victoria Park Racecourse, the field person is Peter Lathlean, confirmed by Peter and the man that he is obscurring could be Gordon Kirby, it's just got that look about it!
Treg 01 Treg 01
Peter Norman - Peter Tregonning with Ron Wright (Ron was not an Unley member) at a divisional picnic, don't ask me where - perhaps White Sands near Murray Bridge.
Training 01 Training 01
Michael Jones - We had a training session in the car park at the Unley shops one night. Michael Nads tending a "seriously" injured extra.
Training 02 Training 02
Jeff Creed - Pranged vehicle was Dave Dewar's (he was the patient). Shills is looking on while Nads is doing some 'patient care' (that's Nads car on the left) with Ian 'Crash'ock on his knees.
Training 03 Training 03
Jeff Creed - Patient removed, and being loaded with the help of the other half of the crew Joe Bilinski...
Training 04 Training 04
Jeff Creed - The patient is in great hands and off to the best in medical care.
Team Unley 01 Team Unley 01
Jeff Creed - Grand Final Day '78. Crews were Norman/Taylor (so it has to be a Sat Arvo ;-), Leonard/Creed, and the film stars Stiggants/Schilling as they were doing Money Movers that day...
No Probs No Probs
Jeff Creed - Just tell them we're on our way. Harvey/Jones in 148 and Norris/Rowe/Tomlian in 168...
Norman and Stiggants Norman and Stiggants
John Corcoran - Peter Norman and Russell Stiggants ready and waiting for the next call. Maybe a stores run!
Opposite Centre Opposite Centre
Michael Jones - Aug 2008. This is the view today from the driveway of the centre toward Arthur Street. I remember a row of cottages there, but now it is Woolworths part of the Unley Shopping Centre.
The New Centre The New Centre
Michael Jones - A photo of a photo of the Unley Centre just after it opened in November 1969
The Centre Aug 2008 The Centre Aug 2008
Michael Jones - The Unley Centre as it is today August 2008. I took a tour with Peter Norman and Russ Stiggants and the centre is now a museum.
The Tree The Tree
Michael Jones - The front of the centre, Aug 2008, and that tree has been a hallmark since day 1.
Divisional Photo 1965 Divisional Photo 1965
Peter Norman - The Unley Ambulance Division 1965
Divisional Photo 1970 Divisional Photo 1970
Peter Norman - Unley Ambulance Division 1970
Macca and JC Macca and JC
John Corcoran - David McGowan and John Corcoran at the ready, with a plan and waiting for a call.
Car 5 Arrived Car 5 Arrived
David Schilling - Car 5 with Ray Schilling and Rex McMahon on board, saving Coleen Benuzzi.
Retiring Livery Retiring Livery
David Schilling - Car 156 showing the livery that is now being replaced and the style of vehicle currently in use by SAAS.
Car 177 At Unley Car 177 At Unley
David Schilling - Car 177 ready to roll at Unley. Notice there was no reflective tape on the early EmCare models. This was a Holden HQ cabin from memory.
Car 144 Car 144
David Schilling - An example of the F100 series ambulance. This one was based at Whyalla.
Car 12 EmCare Car 12 EmCare
David Schilling - Car 12 at Unley with reflective stripes and the Holden HZ? cabin.
John and Michael John and Michael
John Corcoran - The brothers, looking their best, on duty and discussing the latest ambulance officer methodolgy of patient care.
Career Volunteer Career Volunteer
Peter Norman - The Career Volunteer T-Shirt
Unley T-Shirt Unley T-Shirt
Peter Norman - The Unley Ambulance Division T-Shirt. This is the BEFORE photo using the short wheel base ambulance.
Unley T-Shirt Unley T-Shirt
Russ Stiggants - This is the AFTER version of the Unley Ambulance Division T-Shirt using the long wheel based ambulance as seen by the computer of Russ Stiggants! Of course Russ had no influence on the output! The real question is WHO was modeling the T-Shirt??
Car 177 - Casualty Car 177 - Casualty
David Schilling - Fortunately this does not happen too often especially when you consider the amount of time the cars spend on the road and the emergencies they attend.
Unley Division Photo Unley Division Photo
Kevin Hodgson - Unley Divisional photo taken in late 1956, or early 1957. Ambulance in garage is International, Car 14, ambulance behind members is 1956 ohv Ford Customline, Car 9 (the first new ambulance the station had ever had. St John took over from the SA Ambulance Transport Service in 1951 and I think this is the first picture taken of the division.

Rear Row: Bert Palmer, Brian Bartlett, Peter Norman, Gordon Ortmann, Don Hicks and Les Pash.
Middle Row: Cpl. Ray Schilling, Maurie Denham, Bronte Rayson, Kevin Hodgson, Keith Whitley and Dirk Voss.
Front row: Divisional Officer Harry Painter, Superintendent Harry Swanton, Sgt. Jack Revitt.
Subby Promotion Subby Promotion
Kevin Hodgson - 1956 — promoting the ambulance subscription scheme.
Subby Promotion Subby Promotion
Kevin Hodgson - Maurie Denham checks an ambulance driver. It was the training skeleton dressed up for the subscription promotion.
Unley Footy Team Unley Footy Team
Kevin Hodgson - Back Row: Jack Revitt, unknown visitor, Vic LaVelle, George Vincent, Ron Wright (visitor), Peter Langdon.
Middle Row: Brian Bartholomaeus, Kevin Hodgson, Glen Bone (visitor), Gordon Ortmann, Trevor Baldock (visitor), Brian Bartlett.
Front: John Murphy and Barry Maloney.

Competition was keen between the transport divisions of the time. Unley had a football team (of sorts) and played picnic games against West Torrens. Circa 1958 or 1959.
Swanton Promoted Swanton Promoted
Kevin Hodgson - Early 1962 Harry Swanton was promoted to Transport Corp Supt. A farewell dinner was held at the Somerset Hotel, previously on the corner of Flinders Street and Pulteney Street.
At the same dinner Gordon Ortmann was farewelled as he was appointed Brigade general secretary.

Left to Right: Corp Supt. Harry Swanton, Supt. Jack Revitt, Div. Officer Kevin Hodgson, and day staff member Dave Trengove.
Swanton Dinner Swanton Dinner
Kevin Hodgson - Left to right: Pro Surgeon Peter Gartrell, Div Officer Ray Schilling, Div. Surgeon Dr. Ken Crafter, Corps Supt. Harry Swanton, Brigade Secretary Gordon Ortmann, Supt. Jack Revitt.
Supt. Jack Revitt Supt. Jack Revitt
Kevin Hodgson - Supt. Jack Revitt, who later went on to become State Training Officer.
Dinner Menu 1965 Dinner Menu 1965
Kevin Hodgson - See description in the next plate.
Dinner Menu 1965 Dinner Menu 1965
Kevin Hodgson - In 1965 Marion St John Division was formed and a number of Unley members who had shifted to the Marion area formed the nucleus of the division. Kevin Hodgson became superintendent of Marion and Peter Langdon sergeant. Ray Schilling, Unley Superintendent became the State Country Liaison Officer and Brian Bartlett became superintendent of Unley.
First Aid Cert 1931 First Aid Cert 1931
Peter Norman - From the museum collection, a First Aid Certificate issued in April 1931.
Unley Ambulance Unley Ambulance
Peter Norman - From about 1935 and from the collection of photos now in the museum.
Unley Ambulance Unley Ambulance
Peter Norman - Early model ambulance on standby and ready for the next emergency. From the collection at the museum.
Driving Diploma Driving Diploma
Peter Norman - Only awarded to those who drove mechanically propelled vehicles. From the museum collection.
Unley Street Map 1929 Unley Street Map 1929
Alan Hall - 1929 street directory of
the area around the Unley station. The "zebra lines" were tram lines. Very useful for when we used to cut through the "back streets". No humps or roads blocked off in those days.
Unley Centre Construction Unley Centre Construction
Alan Hall - The Unley Centre under construction.
Divisional Photo 1987 Divisional Photo 1987
Ian Krischock - Divisional Photo 1987
After The Photo 1987 After The Photo 1987
Ian Krischock - Well what do you do after a photo of the Unley Ambulance Division. Party of course.
Unley Ambulance 1957 Unley Ambulance 1957
Ian Krischock - Car 9 in the foreground and car 14 in the shed.
In The Country In The Country
Greg Norris-Chris Vanstone, Schills and may be Darryl Towers are some of the fellows here.
The Trunk The Trunk
Greg Norris - Who is that on the tree trunk and what are they doing?
Dennis Foster Dennis Foster
Greg Norris - Fos on the phone, seems pretty happy.
Meeting 1 Meeting 1
Greg Norris - I don't know about these photos.
Meeting 2 Meeting 2
Greg Norris - Send in some info if you know more.
Meeting 3 Meeting 3
Greg Norris - Where was this and what was happening?
Meeting 4 Meeting 4
Greg Norris - Last of this series
New Ambulance New Ambulance
Greg Norris - Maybe we were testing the latest in emergency response vehicles?
Just Tweaking Just Tweaking
Greg Norris - Just making sure that everything is in peak order for the next call. Can never be too sure!
On Standby On Standby
Greg Norris - The lads having a break and at the ready chatting strategy amongst themselves. Always a few extras on hand just in case more standbyees were needed.
Party 1 Party 1
Greg Norris - Need I say more. Looks like the Tomlian twins.
Party 2 Party 2
Greg Norris - Macca in the foreground and maybe Harves sitting.
Party 3 Party 3
Greg Norris - Could be Harves, Nads and Cus in the background.
Party 4 Party 4
Greg Norris - Joe Belinski wearing one of our special awards and Cus looking on.
Party 5 Party 5
Greg Norris - Two evergreens, TT and Schills.
Party 6 Party 6
Greg Norris - Harves, Fos and TT
Party 7 Party 7
Greg Norris - Harry Dolan, Wayne Harris, Peter Norman, Fos and Mickey Bartlett.
Party 8 Party 8
Greg Norris - I'd say that's Stiggy with the KUTA award and Pete Leonard holding up the wall.
Party 9 Party 9
Greg Norris - The main players here seem to be Schills, Vanstone and Sowden.
Party 10 Party 10
Greg Norris - Finally Mickey George gets a mention with Wayne Harris and a couple of others that I don't remember.
Party 11 Party 11
Greg Norris - Paul Rob with a couple of others.
Party 12 Party 12
Greg Norris - I can see Nads and I need help with the others.
Party 13 Party 13
Greg Norris - Paul Rob, Mickey Bartlett, Reg Willoughby and Graham Kemp can be seen here.
Party 14 Party 14
Greg Norris - I can spot Wayne Harris, Fos and Harry Dolan to name a few. Stiggy looking smart in the cap, of course.
Party 15 Party 15
Greg Norris - Greg Norris, Macca, Graham Kemp, Reg Willoughby, Jim Rossiter, Mickey Bartlett, Wayne Harris, Harry Dolan, ?Chris Zeitz and maybe Stiggs with his arms up and I think that is Dave Wright to the extreme right or a least half of him.
Party 16 Party 16
Greg Norris - Rare shot of Macca without the beard and not sure who he is with but a great pose by Peter Rowe.
Party 17 Party 17
Greg Norris - Fos, Geoff Rice, Greg Norris and Reg Willoughby.
Party 18 Party 18
Russell Stiggants - Box Barrett and rare shot of Gordon Kirby - taken at a Christmas (?) party at Macca's Basket Range place. The chairs look familiar??
Party 19 Party 19
Russell Stiggants - Chris Stiggants with Noel Frith - Macca's.
Party 20 Party 20
Russell Stiggants - Peter Leonard taking it easy - JC in foreground - Macca's
Party 21 Party 21
Russell Stiggants - Macca with back to camera - two unidentified sheilas - Wayne Harris with back to camera - Dave Bennett with coffee cup.
Party 22 Party 22
Russell Stiggants - Didn't trust Stig with ambulance - but on a 'red' nevertheless! Macca's party.
Party 23 Party 23
Russell Stiggants - Here we have Darryl Towers developing early driver training skills while Stiggs searches for the siren switch...
Ahoy Lads Ahoy Lads
Russell Stiggants - Stig and Darryl Towers on a red in another vehicle! - TT and Stig cruisin!
Bucks Night Bucks Night
Russell Stiggants - Stig being 'saved' on his bucks night with Dave Bennett, Boxy Barrett and D. Towers.
3 Amigos 3 Amigos
Russell Stiggants - Stigs, Cus and Nads at Darryl Tower's wedding in Melbourne. My guess, about 1988.
A Long Time Ago A Long Time Ago
Russell Stiggants - A cadet of the finest order, impeccably presented and ready to go on to bigger things.
The Unley Lads The Unley Lads
Russell Stiggants - A real scene, Darryl Towers and Russ Stiggants have the situation under control and the patient is off to hospital in a panel van ambulance. A Hindmarsh member assists.
George Adler 1 George Adler 1
Cilla Adler - George wearing the Advanced Care badge at the front of the Centre with the Ford Transit ambulance that was used from about 1980 to 1987.
George Adler 2 George Adler 2
Cilla Adler - George with an Advance Care kit and a defibrillator. Just making sure all is as it should be.
George Adler 3 George Adler 3
Cilla Adler - Is George getting a job or is he asking for stores? None the less, every ready and ready to run.
George Adler 4 George Adler 4
George Adler - Showing the Advanced Casualty Care ID tag.
Unley Station Unley Station
Alan Hall - This is a Dennis Lewis photo of Alan at the old station - this would be late 60's. Note the three door concept at that time and "grey shirts" in uniform use before the swap to white.
Part of the driving test was being able to back into the station with the other ambulance being there!
Livery 2008 1 Livery 2008 1
Greame Rayson - Car 150 showing the current vehicle livery and lighting.
Livery 2008 2 Livery 2008 2
Greame Rayson - Car 150 showing the current vehicle livery and lighting from the rear. (Ed) Notice that some of the cars now say Emergency Ambulance. These are crewed by Intensive Care Paramedics (ICP), whereas the cars marked Ambulance are crewed by non-paramedic or primary in our old terms. Paramedics were classed as Echo crews in St John days.
Nursing Uniform 1880's Nursing Uniform 1880's
Jo Hards - Jo wearing the St John Nursing uniform circa the 1880's
Ambulance Uniform Ambulance Uniform
Jo Hards - Jo proudly showing her volunteer uniform. Photo taken in 1986.
Nuclear Protection Nuclear Protection
Alan Hall - A number of Unley members attended the 7 week Civil Defence Course at the SA Police Barracks - main outcome was learning how to hide under the table during a nuclear blast - how times have changed!
SAAS Sprint Car SAAS Sprint Car
Jeff Anderson - The sprint cars these are dispatched as a first responder to Cat 1 & 2 cases and assess whether a Paramedic or ambulance crew is required, the idea was adopted from the U.K. to minimize response times. Notice the government plates, the fleet is moving into the care of FleetSA.
SAAS Special Ops SAAS Special Ops
Jeff Anderson - The SOT crews are paramedics and respond to any rescue similar to Star Force where extrication of a patient is required. The SOT are trained in the same way as Star Force i.e. Vertical Rescue, Helicopter Rescue, Cliff Rescue etc and also attend CBR (Chemical, Biologoical, Radioactive) cases with a special hazmat tent, and any rescue where extended extrication time is spent on a casualty.
Hazmat Tent Hazmat Tent
Jeff Anderson - The Chemical, Biologoical and Radioactive hazmat tent referred to in the above Special Ops training.
St John First Aid Unit St John First Aid Unit
Jeff Anderson - St John Ambulance First Aid Unit which are used at events now covered by volunteers around the state most divisions now have these in lieu of the old style ex ambulances.
Panel Van Interior Panel Van Interior
Peter Leonard - The interior of a panel van ambulance. Note the spinal board is stowed on the roof in this shot. Not to mention that we carried a canvas stretcher next to the main stretcher and could, therefore, carry 2 stretcher patients. Try that with a crew and a third man!
KISS 1980 KISS 1980
Ray Schilling - Bob Harvey with Pro Surgeon Bill Griggs walking alongside the patient. On 18 November 1980, over 24,000 people attended the "Kiss Concert" at the Adeladie Oval. Forty-five St. John members were on duty and treated in excess of 200 patients - 10 being taken to hospital.
St John Uniform - 1953 St John Uniform - 1953
Ray Schilling - Ray is back row, 2nd from left in this 1953 example of the St John Uniform. The members were from the Colonel Light Gardens Division.
Reunion Shirt Reunion Shirt
Michael George - This is the commemorative shirt for the Reunion, the words, font size, embroidery etc are yet to be finalized. This is a sneak peak and should be ready to order from 15 Jan 2009. Ok, Ok, so the coat hanger is an optional extra.
Reunion Cap Reunion Cap
Michael George - The Reunion Cap, again a sneak peak and should be ready for ordering from Jan 15th, 2009. The words, font and layout are to be finalized soon.
Centre Construction Centre Construction
Alan Hall - The Unley Ambulance Centre just after construction started, probably late 1968 I would guess. The view would be from the driveway, back to Arthur Street. The garage work has not been started yet.
Wedding 01 Wedding 01
Bronte Rayson - Bronte Rayson's wedding. We all used to go and form a guard of honour.
Wedding 02 Wedding 02
Bronte Rayson - And sometimes, if things were quiet, the crew would drop by and sound the siren.
Car vs Tram Pole 1 Car vs Tram Pole 1
Bronte Rayson - Looks like a chevy vs a tram support pole probably in the city many years ago. The tram looks as though it was heading toward Mitcham before this accident happened. Bronte Rayson can see see in the white coat. Trainees wore short white coats.
Car vs Tram Pole 2 Car vs Tram Pole 2
Bronte Rayson - That's Bill Burley in uniform working on getting the patient out of the car. 3 other helpers suggest that the patient may have been wedged in between the steering wheel and seat.
Car 14 Car 14
Bronte Rayson - Car 14 out the front of the old Unley Centre.
Vic LaVelle Memorial Room Vic LaVelle Memorial Room
Ian Krischock - The opening of the Vic LaVelle Memorial Room. A newspaper clip showing the parade and I can see from left, Bob Harvey, Dennis Lewis, Margaret LaVelle, Ron Wright, Comm. Dr. Brian Ancell, Chris Sowden and I think Ron Tomlian.
1977 Vintage Port 1977 Vintage Port
Peter Norman - A fine vintage from 1977 showing a label for the Unley City Ambulance.
Divisional Photo Divisional Photo
Ros Puckridge - A Divisional Photo from around 1987.
Divisional Photo Divisional Photo
Ros Puckridge - Some of the members from around 1986 I would think.
Unley Members Photo Unley Members Photo
Ros Puckridge - Some of the Unley members again I would think from the mid 1980's.
Nurses In Uniform Nurses In Uniform
Ros Puckridge - (L to R) Debbie Playford (Brighton), with "our" Cea Cea Moller and Ros Puckridge - three wise nurses in period costume and by the looks, in Rundle Mall.
Driver Testing Driver Testing
Ros Puckridge - Ros undergoing her driving test before being given the green and red light to drive an emergency vehicle.
A Happy Crew A Happy Crew
Ros Puckridge - Some of our members in the garage at Unley posing for a photo.
Ros Puckridge Ros Puckridge
Ros Puckridge - Portrait in uniform showing the green bar of Enrolled Nurse. That was one of the outstanding things about Unley, we had a lot of medical and nursing qualified members. The public were well looked after.
Service Medal Service Medal
Ros Puckridge - Sergeant Ros Puckridge receiving her Long Service Medal from the Commissioner, Brian Fotheringham in 1988.
Bandaid Anyone? Bandaid Anyone?
Ros Puckridge - Ros checking that all the gear is there and ready if needed.
Echo Course Report Echo Course Report
Ros Puckridge - A sample of an Echo Course report. In this case we can see Ros's report which qualifies her to work as an Echo Officer.
Unley Hymn Unley Hymn
Lorna Hawke - The Unley Hymn written by two of our well known members from the 70's and beyond.
Spotlight 01 Spotlight 01
Peter Norman - A collection of images from Spotlight magazine which is called Open Airways these days. Bob Harvey, Peter Lorimer, Brenton Chappell, Ray Schilling, Gary Coombes and Brian Bartlett
Spotlight 02 Spotlight 02
Peter Norman - A collection of images from Spotlight magazine. This one featuring Dave Trengove.
Spotlight 03 Spotlight 03
Peter Norman - From Spotlight showing Commissioner Gary Coombes
Spotlight 04 Spotlight 04
Peter Norman - From Spotlight showing our Flight Commander, John Corcoran.
Spotlight 05 Spotlight 05
Peter Norman - From Spotlight. Bronte Rayson on right, also showing Bruce Battersby, left and centre John Crompton.
Spotlight 06 Spotlight 06
Peter Norman - From Spotlight. A photo of Maria Stojani and General Manager Bruce Paterson presenting "Most Outstanding Student" Award.
Spotlight 07 Spotlight 07
Peter Norman - From Spotlight featuring Peter Norman receiving Serving Brother medal from the Deputy Prior, Governor Sir Donald Dunstan.
Spotlight 08 Spotlight 08
Peter Norman - From Spotlight featuring Peter Lorimer and Brenton Chappell.
Spotlight 09 Spotlight 09
Peter Norman - From Spotlight showing the Hare Traction split being used in a training session. Looks like Maurie Denham is the trainer with Brenton Chappell as the patient but not sure about who the student is.
Reunion Notice Reunion Notice
Michael Jones - The reunion notice published in the Sunday Mail - 15th February 2009.
The Siren The Siren
Greg Norris - Here it is THE Grifco siren that will sign off the end era and a legacy being the Unley Ambulance Division. We will be sounding this at the end of the Final Parade.
The Siren 2 The Siren 2
Greg Norris - Just another view of what was a REAL ambulance siren.
Field Kit Field Kit
Greg Norris - Remember these. An official field kit that we would wear at field duties such as the Pageant, Oakbank and the Royal Show.
Essential Reading 1 Essential Reading 1
Greg Norris - General Regulations, Manual of Drill And Instruction and Dress Regulations for the Ambulance and Ambulance Cadets.
Essential Reading 2 Essential Reading 2
Greg Norris - Emergency Care and Transport Manual with the Supplement. The original Casual Care and Transport. Before these we studied the Ambulance Transport Nursing manual.
Essential Reading 3 Essential Reading 3
Greg Norris - A First Aid Manual and a Cadet Manual.
Unley Annual Inspection Unley Annual Inspection
Colin Swanton - The Unley Division at an Annual Inspection at the Torrens Parade Ground. Not sure of the date.
Harry Swanton Medals Harry Swanton Medals
Colin Swanton - A collection of medals awarded to Harry Swanton.
Unley Division 1935 Unley Division 1935
Colin Swanton = Taken out the front of the old station.
Back row, Don Hayes, Wally Poynter, T. Memmler, Wally Fraser, A. Langdelutke [Langeluddcke on our record], Charlie Foreman, Ron Sinclair, Frank O'Leary, T. Humphries, Arthur Humby
Middle row, Walter Gubbins, Reg Sands, Harry Swanton, J. Vorwerk, N. Fuller, Fred Bell, Vic [Reg on our record] Sands, C. Jordan, Wally Myers, R. Brinkworth
Front row, R. Stanwix, Fred Earl, Ben Waite, A. McNamara, George Plenty, Dr. Downing, E. [Ian on our record] Hamilton, W. Chadwick, Howard Pengilly, Wally Triplow
Harry Swanton Certificate Harry Swanton Certificate
Colin Swanton - Showing Harry Swanton achieved 161/2 years of service. Looks to be dated 1952
Bob Harvey Bob Harvey
Bob Harvey - Studio shot of Bob and Sue Harvey.
Racer Racer
Bob Harvey - Bob in uniform for the Formula 1 Grand Prix in 1985. That was the first of 10 F1 events held in Adelaide.
Unley Cente Before 01 Unley Cente Before 01
Alan Waite - This is a photo of the land and house prior to work commencing on the new Centre. Probably taken 1968.
Unley Centre Before 02 Unley Centre Before 02
Alan Waite - Another shot of the proposed site for the new Centre. Note the tree and the fence. The tree is still there and I would say that the fence is the one from this photo.
Nads And Mickey Nads And Mickey
Michael Jones - This was the photo that went with the press article in the Messenger newspaper just after the Reunion 2009.
Happy Snap 2009 Happy Snap 2009
Michael Jones - Upstairs in the hall. What a bunch of folks all of whom did amazing things during their time as Ambulance Officers.
Reunion 2011 Reunion 2011
Pic 01
Reunion 2011 Reunion 2011
Pic 02
Reunion 2011 Reunion 2011
Pic 03
Reunion 2011 Reunion 2011
Pic 04
Reunion 2011 Reunion 2011
Pic 05
Reunion 2011 Reunion 2011
Pic 06
Reunion 2011 Reunion 2011
Pic 07
Reunion 2011 Reunion 2011
Pic 08
Reunion 2011 Reunion 2011
Pic 09
Reunion 2011 Reunion 2011
Pic 10
Reunion 2011 Reunion 2011
Pic 11
Reunion 2011 Reunion 2011
Pic 12
Paul Caust, Ray Schilling,Brian Bartlett Paul Caust, Ray Schilling,Brian Bartlett
Some of the lads grabbing a photo opportunity. This pic from Roz Anesbury
Unley Centre Unley Centre
Peter Little - A Great Pic Offered By Peter Showing Original Centre. Any Ideas Of The Date?

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