Unley Ambulance

Links to other websites of interest.

Petrol Services Australia
Major sponsor for the Unley Reunion 2009.  Peter Rowe is the MD and former Unley Volunteer.

Searenity On Kangaroo Island
Herb Stichel's business on Kangaroo Island. Looks like the ideal getaway for Unley Members wanting a bit of rec. time. Located on idyllic Emu Bay, home of the "long white beach", on the North Coast of Kangaroo Island. Herb has won several awards for this accomodation.

Barossa News Online
Russ Stiggants is the Webmaster of this site.  He brings interesting and, at time, controversial topics to his website using his years of journaistic flair and style. 

SA EMT Service
The EMT Service is an all-volunteer non-profit organisation that has been serving the
community of Adelaide for over 19 years.

Ambulance Historical Society - Victoria
Formed in 1986 and is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of Victorian ambulance vehicles, equipment and memorabilia and is funded and supported by Ambulance Victoria.

Only because it is about this and that and it belongs to one of our members, Jeff Creed.

A website dedicated to the history of the ambulance vehicles used in South Australia.

SA Ambulance Service
The SAAS main website.  Took over the transport role from St John Ambulance.

St John Ambulance
The St. John Ambulance main website.

St John Ambulance - South Australia
St John Ambulance website for SA.

The SES Website
The State Emergency Service. Volunteers working together for the community.

Volunteers working to save communities from bushfires.