Unley Ambulance
Photo Album

Send in your photos please to unley1echo [at] unleyambulance dot com

How to send in photos. I guess it's safe to say that any photos that were taken during the
70's and 80's would have been taken with a traditional print camera.  We need digital
versions for posting on the website.  So how does one take a print photo and turn it
into a digital photo ready to email? Of course more recent digital "on topic" photos are
welcome such as photos of the new ambulance livery, current uniforms or equipment etc..

First up the digital version needs to be in JPEG format.  That is to say that the file
name needs to end in .jpg - ambulance_pic.jpg for example. Don't worry too much
about that, I can always convert between formats. If you have access to a multi-function
printer, this can be a good way to scan in a print photo.  Maybe the library, work or
a friend have scanning facilities.

If you don't have a way of scanning photos and you would like to send some in
for the website, then I could suggest that you either post the originals to me or have
copies of the originals made and post them in.  If you were to send in originals then
please include a self-addressed and stamped envelope for the return.  If you send
copies of prints then I will keep them and return them at the reunion if you choose or
again include a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Please see the Contact page for
a postal address.

I will scan in the prints and post them on the website.  It would be wonderful to put
together a large album of photos giving us a pictorial history.