Unley Ambulance
The Unley Memorial

Those members who are no longer with us but are obviously flat out saving lives in another dimension.
Please keep us posted when any of our members leave this world for duties elsewhere.

Alby Cattermole
Barry Maloney
Ben Waite
Bill Burley
Bob McRostie
Byron Lockwood
David Brown
David Gove
Dennis Lewis
Gordon Kirby
Greg Feetham
Harry Dolan
Harry Painter
Harry Salter
Harry Swanton
Ian Callander
Ivan Ivanic
Jim Hackett
Keith King
Keith Whitley
Ken Preston
Kevin Kittle
Les Pash
Norm Oakes
Osmond George (Tim) Richardson
Paul Caust
Ray Dent
Ray Nathan
Reginald Nathan
Vic La Velle
Anthony Allison (2011)
Terry Feckner (2011)
Bob Slater (12/2011)
Don Hicks
Jack Revitt Supt (2011)
Dr Peter Gartrell (07/2012)
Betty Woods (12/2012)
Graham Kemp (23/6/2014)
David Norman (Feb 2015)
Peter Langdon (2/9/2015)
Ray Schilling - 25/6/2017
Peter Lathlean- 11/9/2017
Ross Gay - October 2018